#1987778 Computer policy could not be updated successfully

#1987778 Computer policy could not be updated successfully

Case Number 1987778

“Computer policy could not be updated successfully,

The processing of Group Policy failed”

If while using the GPUPDATE.exe tool you see error message Computer policy could not be updated successfully, then this post will help you. The GPUPDATE command-line tool helps users update the Group Policy change forcefully.

Computer policy could not be updated successfully. The following errors were encountered:

The processing of Group Policy failed. Windows could not apply the registry-based policy settings for the Group Policy object LocalGPO. Group Policy settings will not be resolved until this event is resolved. View the event details for more information on the file name and path that caused the failure.

Local Group Policy Editor is a sophisticated in-built tool for administrators to make Windows behave the want it to. Most of the changes affect the system almost immediately and automatically. However, if you need to update the changes right away, you can make use of this command-line tool called GPUPDATE.exe.

Sometimes, this tool may not work as usual due to any reason. The primary cause is a specific corrupted internal file called Registry.pol. Therefore, if you are seeing this error message in the Command Prompt window, follow this troubleshooting tutorial.







Computer policy could not be updated successfully

To fix Computer policy could not be updated successfully issue on Windows 10, follow these steps-

1.    Close the Command Prompt window

2.    Open the Machine folder in system drive

3.    Rename Registry.pol file

Read on to know more about this tutorial.

So first, you need to close the Command Prompt window, which is showing the error message. After that, navigate to this path-


Here, is your system drive where you installed Windows OS.

There are two ways to do that. First, you can open the File Explorer > This PC > your system drive (C drive) > Windows > System32 > GroupPolicy > Machine.

Alternatively, you can press Win+R to open the Run prompt, type the path, and hit the Enter button. A

After opening the Machine folder, you can find two files named comment.cmtx and Registry.pol. You need to rename the Registry.pol file. You can use any name, but it is suggested to call it Registry.bak.


People use the BAK file extension for backup files, and you can use it here so that you can recognize the old Registry.pol file correctly in the future.

After renaming, you need to restart your computer and try to use the GPUPDATE.exe tool again.