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How to send Reservation and Ticket to PAX email on Sabre [Asfaw Begna*]

You may want to send reservation and ticket to send to your email or to PAX's email on Sabre Interact or SNTE.

On Saber Interact:

1. Check the email address on the PNR: Use *PE in Ctrl + H

PNR MODIFIED - CHECK ITINERARY                                                          
 1.1NEUMANN/MOSHE MR  2.1NEUMANN/LILIAN MS                                              
 3 ET 814H 15FEB F JROADD*HK2  1735  2005  /E                                           
 4 ET 702H 16FEB J ADDFCO*HK2  0005  0430  /E                                           
 5 ET1744H 16FEB J FCOLIS*HK2  0610  0815  /E                                           
     /OPERATED BY TAP AIR PORTUGAL  /TP 0837K/LTVDOE                                    
TKT/TIME LIMIT                                                                          
  2.TE 0712956352097 NEUMA/M SYSSYS 0544/18DEC*                                         
  3.TE 0712956352098 NEUMA/L SYSSYS 0544/18DEC*           
EMAIL ADDRESS                                                                           

2. Use Ctrl + E and Follow the below screenshot, Address Line # shows to which email address you are sending.

Or you can simply use below commands if you are trying to send it on SNTE [Sabre Native] and on Sabre Interact by using Ctrl + H.

a) 6PAXΣEM if you only have one email address on the PNR.
b) 6PAXΣEM¥A1 to send the PNR to the 1st email address and
c) 6PAXΣEM¥A2 to send the PNR to the 2nd email address.

Asfaw Begna

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