Java "Cannot determine a valid Java home" Error ///// 26611

Java "Cannot determine a valid Java home" Error ///// 26611

Dear Team,




"Cannot determine a valid Java home" Error,


can be solved by the below steps in windows 10. You can follow the same steps for other windows.


·         -In the search field type in – advanced system settings

·         -In “System Properties window” click “Environment Variables…”

·         -Under “System variables” click the “New…” button and enter JAVA_HOME as “Variable name” and the path to your Java JDK directory under “Variable value”


·         -In “Environment Variables” window under “System variables” select Path

·        Click on “Edit…”

·         -In “Edit environment variable” window click “New”

·         -Type in  %JAVA_HOME%\bin

·       -Click OK 3 times.



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