key word to reset password and activate agents Sabre sign in

The necessary key word to reset password and activate agents Sabre sign in.

The necessary keywords to reset the EPR's are VERIFY and SUPVSR. But, we have also to add APLCTL if the EPR is in different station from the EPR belongs. Please find the below EPR description for each keywords/Items .

With the VERIFY keyword, you can activate EPRs. You cannot create EPRs, but you can verify the employee has the appropriate duty codes and keywords.


With the SUPVSR keyword, you can adjust EPRs for your staff, such as assigning temporary passcodes and temporary duty codes, and changing an EPR’s status.


APLCTL (Applications Control) is the highest level of authority and is inclusive of all the keywords below. With the APLCTL keyword, you can create and verify EPRs. APLCTL personnel are not restricted to a city and may access any EPR in their partition.

Carriers should limit this keyword to a small group of personnel. For example, someone at headquarters, CRC, or Help Desk.

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