Online check in not working

Mesfin Shifera: Online check in defects and solutions

If the status on the SSCI for the fight is OPENA , this means that the passengers  are allowed to check in only at the airport.


DEDICATED TO ET   0149 ON 25FEB                                


ET    149 25FEB   MQX      2115   DH8 78         OPENA           


AUTH          78                                JUMPSEATS      

BOOKED        72                               ACTUAL W-0 X-1  

AVAIL          6                               IN USE W-  X-   


THRU RV        0    NR       0     ASSIGN           Y          

LCL  RV       78    NR       0     RESTRICT         RV         


LCL ON*       78    TK       0     MEALS                       

TTL ON*       78    ET      78     SETUPS                      

TLOB          78                                                

OTLD           0    TK       0                                 

                    ET       0                                 

UNOC           0                                               

PLAN           *                                               

It is recommended to have the statu in OPENCI for Online check in.


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