Reissue/Exchange with Additional flown segment.

Reissue/Exchange with Additional flown segment.

While reissuing/exchanging ticket with selecting "Additional flown segment" below steps will help us.
1.      Complete the transaction as you did as far as Screen 20 in Interact
2.      Once you get to Screen 20, select Alt + F2 to access Bypass screen.
3.      Type *WFR
4.      This will redisplay Screen 20 in native mode.
5.      Complete the screen there, by filling RBD class, fare base, fare amount and select M-for manual, then select insert “x” on retrieving original tax, press enter key.
6.      Return to the Interact screen (Press Esc button), then press ALT+F2 from the keyboard to back to interact screen
7.      There you’ll need to do a CTRL+G and select redisplay Screen to get back to Screen 30.
8.      Then you should be able to continue the transaction from there.

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